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" WikMail Stationery Tutorial - If you have just downloaded WikMail try my Tutorial. Tell your friends about WikMail and come back soon. Please visit the WikMail Junction Forum at Delphi. See link below."

Just Love WikMail - Stationery Tutorial

WikMail Stationery Outpost

Here is another little Tutorial that will help you get used to using the WikMail Stationery Creator. Save these pics to your computer, right click and save as.

WikMail Logo Background Tile

Just Love WikMail

Start "Just Love WikMail" Tutorial

Open Stationery Creator - Menu /Tools/Stationery Creator. See below.

Screen Shot Open Creator

In Stationery Creator Click on Sections/General.

Background Image

Click on Browse to get and insert the wikmail_logo_tile.jpg (get it from where you downloaded it to)

It should look like the pic below - if it dosen't then make sure that 'Tiled' is selected at the bottom under Background Alignment(stationery).

Tile Example

Scrollbar Colors

Now set the scroll bar colors. Play around with the colors until you get the match you like. To get mine I used:

Face The backgound pinky color

Hlight A Dark Blue

Shadow A Pastel red color

Arrows Yellow


I chose 100, 100, 100,100 again you will find that you may need to play around with these settings to get the look you want.

Message Area

Click on Sections and select Message Area.

Background Color

Select a color , try using the dropper tool to pick a color from the background. I used white here with the transparency set at 86.

Background Image

Click browse and select love_wikmail.jpg.

Alignment - select Top Right.

Message Border

I selected 8, and using the dropper tool chose a matching color.


Click on the little arrow and select a style for the border. I chose Double.


Now set the transparency so that you can see the background through this message layer but can still clearly see the text. Mine set at 86.

Message Text Margins

I set mine at 40 180 40 40 - again when you create a letter you will have to play with these settings. I had to drop the top margin to allow for the Top Right Graphic.

Select the Font and size

I chose Verdana size 10 and checked Bold.

Select the Font Color to suit.

Now click on sections and go back to General.

Set the scroll bar colors if you have not set them or they need changed.

Name and Save Stationery

At the top left select a name for your stationery. Click on File/Save As. I saved to a Computers folder. If you do not have one, right click on a blank white space in the folders list and select create new folder and name it Computers.

Now click on the Computers folder and it will appear on the save stationery pop up - click 'save stationery as'. It will be saved to your WikMail program and can be viewed in the send mail.

Create .exe File

Message Area Background

Click on File again. select 'Export to Zip .exe File'. select Flowers and the name of the stationery which will be listed there. uncheck ZIP and check EXE and click on Execute. The .exe file will be stored in your WikMail Program, Zipped Stationery.

My finished stationery:

Love WikMail Finish